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I really wish there were a reliable source of factual information on the dogs that appear frequently in the Golden pedigrees. Not just health information but details of what made this dog one that everybody wanted to breed to. What kind of temperament did they have. What were their particular strengths. What size were they. Pictures of them engaged in whatever activities they pursued and who handled them. Maybe the GRCA could start a program that would have a profile of any dog receiving an OS, OD, DDHF, SDHF, OBHF, FC, AFC, etc. When you're trying to learn about the breed, it's frustrating to find that information about these dogs often seems to be passed in off the record conversations among breeders and enthusiasts who may or may not have accurate information. I understand that breeders are protective of information about their dogs and every dog must have some weakness, but when a dog becomes so influential in the breed it seem appropriate to have some reliable information publicly available. JMHO.

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