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Fearful of everything during walks.

Hey guys/gals

My 6 almost 7 month Golden Retriever is fearful of everything while on walks. Trucks, if I accidentally step on tree branches, mail boxes, tree branches that move, loud cars, you name it. She pulls really hard. Its almost to the point of dangerously hard. She might hurt herself. I began using a prong collar about 5 days ago. She stays by my side for most of the time. I have to give her a gentle pull once in a while to remind her I am the leader.

However, even with the prong collar and reassuring here that I am her leader and nothing will happen to her, she is still fearful. She hears anything or sees anything coming towards her and she is running and puling for her life. Ears and tail down. Motivating her with treats does not work. I have tried multiple things to get her distracted and focus on me but no joy. If I command her to sit and lay down she will though. She does socialize with people and gets out. I have had people tell me, "she needs to get out more." Well, we go out A LOT and nothing has changed. I don't think socializing is the problem. I mean, its not like she stays indoor for 23 hours a day.

I am not sweet talking or petting her while she is scared. I am aware this only makes the problem worse. I ignore her, wait a couple minutes and start walking again. Maybe she will grow out of it? Anything will help.

Thanks for reading
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