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OK a few tips...
Definitely defrost it. Dogs don't typically like picking up a block of ice which is what your bird is going to be, straight out of the freezer.
To defrost I just put it on the garage floor the night before I train and it is fine by the morning

Dogs who show interest but unsure what to actually DO with the bird are pretty easy. Tell the dog to sit, open their mouth, put the bird in, hold your hands gently over their muzzle so they don't spit it out right away, and tell them they are a good dog. Ask them to hold it about 5 seconds then "out" Generally a few times of this and they start to figure out you're supposed to pick it up. Then throw the bird as far as you can, let the dog chase it, and when he gets to it, call the dog enthusiastically. Half the dogs will be like, Oh crap I gotta figure out how to pick this thing up before I come back --- and they will -- the other half will probably run back to you, glance at the bird, and again be a little clueless with what to do. Walk out to the bird with them, again have them sit, put the bird in their mouth, and now try to get them to walk with the bird then run after you as you jog away. Once they figure out they have to pick it up and hold it, there's no stopping them. Best of luck!

Edit: About Bumpers
The bumpers with feathers wrapped around them, Dokkens, bird-shaped bumpers, etc etc are all a gimmick and waste of money
Buy regular 2" x 12" WHITE plastic or canvas bumpers and just play with the dog with them
Don't buy orange

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