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Joe and other Mods - If I may - just to ease out the situation...

Seems Marlene is desperate to get back to the forum - understandable because nowhere can we have another great forum like this with great people and their dogs. She is a golden lover after all and being golden lovers, I know a lot of us have "hearts of gold".

I suggest you lift the ban on the original ID on the condition that she publicly apologize for any violation of rules and obey/respect once she is back. If all she really wants is to be part of the forum respecting the rules, she should by all means be allowed to. If she is smart enough and respects the forum, she won't violate the rules.

Anyway, Joe this is just my opinion. As always, you are the admin - you are the pack leader for this forum!


PS: I don't know Marlene or anyone here personally other than reading the postings. This is an unbiased opinion/suggestion to remove the negativity that has surrounded the forum in the past few days. I have never been in the "chat" more than once or twice and have no background info' of anything thats probably been going on.

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