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She is 12 or so (got her from a friend about 2 years ago, so 12 +/- a year. I am from a small city just outside of Detroit, MI. Although I am soon on my way to Anderson, SC.

Regretfully some of my questions are not good ones, they are medical questions. If you check out the health forum, I posted a question there with pictures, I really dont have a good feeling about it.

Riley is an absolute princess. Very Very well mannered, listens extremely well, very laid back, gets along with anyone no matter what age, all animals. Loves to "scooby dance" as we call it, when she lays on her back with legs up in the air and just dances around. LOVES the snow, cannot get enough of it. Here are some more pictures.

Picture 3 is Riley "Scooby Dancing" in the snow.
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