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I guess what bums me out so bad is we had NO idea he was full of cancer. He showed no signs other than his hips slowing him down this winter, which they do every winter....then when she operated she said she'd never seen anything like it before...that was very upsetting to me. It's like, why? Was it something I fed him? He got premium dog food almost his entire life but after he passed, It just ate me up. Every night after supper he got a chewie (pig twist). I bought them at Walmart. Big bag of 20 made by Hartz. He LOVED these things and he got one almost every night. He was spoiled. Well I grabbed the bag out of the cabinet the other day....made in China! I was so mad! Why didn't I look at this before? I can only imagine the chemicals in these things as they were smoked flavored. It even said to wash your hands after handling. Well why would it be okay for my baby to eat them! I just feel so stupid!
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