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Welcome to the golden family.... you'll find lots of love here. Introducing any new dog into a family is a challenge.... and the first question might be "should you consider a young puppy or a rescue?"

There certainly is nothing like raising a puppy. But be prepared for about two years of working through issues such as housebreaking, teething, and basic obedience. And a golden retriever puppy needs a fair amount of exercise. A puppy will do a lot to revitalize Charlie's life. How old is your Charlie boy? Keep in mind that that golden puppy that starts off the same size and weight as Charlie will be a 50 pound puppy in a few months and in a year may be a 70 pound dog with the energy of a puppy. If your boyfriend's GR is a part of the extended family then that will help too.

If you aren't prepared for that sort of commitment you may want to consider a GR rescue. That doesn't mean that there won't be any issues to resolve when integrating a new dog into the family. But after the first few years the GR's tend to settle down a bit. And maybe the company of an adult GR will be enough excitement for Charlie.
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