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Originally Posted by Carraig View Post
... litter boxes really need to be kept away from the dog because he will snack on more than just their chow!
Yes, the famous "truffles" that they like to dig for and snack on! Puppy won't be able to get into the rooms with litter boxes and due to dilligent scooping multiple times a day, I should be able to keep him away from these "snacks".

Something else we would need to be very wary of are the smaller cat toys which puppy could easily chew on and swallow. I tell you, I am now looking at my house as if a toddler is coming home to it!

A good thing about the Ragdoll breed is that they themselves are very much "puppy like". I have high hopes that my cats will accept the newcomer quickly and without too much stress, but obviously will keep the RR ready too!

Puppy will go to puppy class, and hopefully progress to obedience class too.

Any other hints, tips ... I am all ears
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