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Hi there, and welcome to the forum! I would make sure that at first there are baby gates to block off safe areas of the house for your cats. Since you'll want to keep your eye on the puppy, limiting him to the living room and kitchen at first, may be a good idea. Of course, a lot depends on the layout of your house. But their food and litter boxes really need to be kept away from the dog because he will snack on more than just their chow!

Don't force a cat to stay in the room with the puppy. If they want to leave, let them. Make sure that any cats showing stress have some time to themselves. You may need to put them in a separate room for a bit with their food and litter, or if they are only a little ruffled, some petting and playtime may smooth things over.

Since they are used to dogs, the smell and the presence should not be a problem for the cats, but the puppy' exuberance and barking will no doubt cause some disruption. Things should calm down after a few days and they should be used to him in short order. But of course, there are no guarantees they will adore him to bits like you do.

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