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New GR owner with questions for Betty

Hi all
I have been hanging around this forum for about six weeks, devouring every bit of information, soaking in tips, and preparing ourselves as much as possible for the arrival for our new puppy. If all goes well, he will join our home end of March.

Like Betty (Carraig) I am also a cat breeder, but my love is for the beautiful Ragdoll breed. At present I have 12 cats, ranging from 6 months to just over 10 years.

My question to Betty : any tips you can give me regarding introducing my cats to the new puppy? The cats grew up with our Golden Lab Ambir who passed away early December 2007 due to old age (13 years plus). So in essence my cats know about a well-behaved dog and it's barking sound, but they have not yet encountered a playful puppy.

The puppy comes from a line of proven intelligent, even-tempered and soft-mouthed GRs. I have the biggest respect for the breeder and we share the same (excellent) veterinary clinic and they have vouched for her dogs and puppies' excellent health. I have met the sire and granddad, as well as met the dam and her pups when they were four weeks old.

Info on our house : a very very large house with multiple safe places and tall scratch posts for the cats; cats' food and water bowls are raised off the floor; no children, only HB and myself and we are here 24/7 (work from home); we live a quiet life.

Betty - I will value your input, as well as that from the other forum members. I have done plenty researching but want to cover every possible aspect and be prepared.

Many thanks
South Africa
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