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HI Susan,

I just joined this group and noticed your concern about Eva (Evangelina of Bridge Four). 1) her elbows - she was prelim'd normal at 16 months and then 2 months later while field training with my trainer, her leg got stuck in an underwater limb. After struggling for several minutes, my trainer made it out to her by boat and brought her immediately to our vet. She was in a lot of pain and obviously dislocated the elbow at the joint. After a month of crate rest she was much better but we all knew at 2 yrs this could be a problem. We did re-xray at 2 yrs old and the one elbow involved in the injury was given a Grade 1 rating. My vet has written a letter detailing the injury and we do have the proof of the normal prelimed clearance from OFA. 2) Eva's eyes are on a "breeders option" and we choose to breed her to a stud that has a long history of eye clearances. In order to find out more about the stud's pedigree you need to go the the European databases (and of course check with the overseas breeders personally). So far, out of her litter of 8 pups, 6 have been eye tested and have all cleared CERF - no retinal folds also.

We do try to do our best in combining pedigrees and of course we only do as much research as we can - I spend many hours emailing overseas and also personally calling them if I have further questions. I have owned goldens now for 30 yrs and though I don't consider myself an expert, I have been around a long time and always consider myself a "learner". - people tell me I ask a lot of questions! : )

I hope this answers your questions. Thanks for being a watchdog for good breeders. I welcome your input
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