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hello from meechigan! lots of pics

What a great resource you have here! I run a car enthusiast forum, so its quite refreshing to see a forum dedicated to an animal I love! My lady and I own a Golden named Prince.

Got him from her cousins who decided after many Goldens (many in the past, currently one old one young) that they were ready to breed. He was born Jul 1 of 07 from a Champion line, and we've been feverishly working on training him ourselves (my cousins have owned many goldens, so we thought we'd train him ourselves).
So far, we've done all his shots and everything (we want to make sure to have the best home for him). He is neutered and enjoying life.
He'll have a heck of a time this summer with his 8 brothers and sisters (and mom and grandma too)

Things have gone GREAT so far in terms of obedience training, and he knows some tricks too I've managed to teach him to Dig (well, he's going to learn himself sometime anyway), Bear Sit, Shake, Sit, Stay, Lay Down, etc. I think we're doing an OK job for now Here's a few pics of him:

Playing with a greyhound/great dane mix

More recent:

Anyway, I didn't want to go too overboard with the pics... so thats it We've nicknamed him "legs" (the cousins and us). He's more agile than any other of their dogs (and was the lightest in weight of the bunch)

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