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Welcome to GRF! I couldn't agree more that Goldens are wonderful, wonderful companions and additions to a family! I don't want to sound like I am discouraging you from a puppy, but if you have any concerns that the work that comes with a "puppy" isn't for you then you might consider looking into adopting a rescue golden. I think I've usually leaned toward wanting the bonding that comes along with a young pup, but I'm gaining a very, very soft spot for the rescue stories I've been reading about here and I am looking forward to getting involved with my local rescue. I can see a lot of benefits to skipping the puppy stage and adopting a loving GR from a rescue in my future. Just an idea to look into since you've made a wise decision to bring a GR into your family I think it's awesome that you found this place before getting a golden lovebug! You'll learn so much here and be confidant that you are making a wise and an educated decision that will be perfect for you and your precious Charlie! He is adorable and that is a great photo you posted!

Keep us posted and look forward to seeing how things work out for you.

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