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Originally Posted by biscuit08 View Post
My husband had a golden growing up. His name was Andy.

now we have a golden. He is 8 weeks. His name is .
Thanks Lysa:
Hi Lysa...I also have a boy named Biscuit and the funny thing is that I almost named him Andy but my daughter started dating a guy named Andy a couple of weeks before I got Biscuit. That's him as a pup in my avatar and he's the guy on the right, in my signature. I thought that I may have jinxed him by naming him after a food item....since he was 5 mo old he has been eating (swallowing whole ) socks, mittens, underwear, etc plus he is is a professional counter-surfer, although he only does that now when I'm not looking .

I can't wait to see some more pictures of that little cutie-pie .

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