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Seems you haven't gotten much on the difference between males and females, so I'll try and give some of my observations. My family has always owned female goldens, but when I decided to keep one from our last litter I kept a male. So my observations are based purely on this one boy... and may not be entirely accurate (I like disclaimers... LOL ) Jersey is much more "cuddley" than the girls. They all like all the petting they can get, but he would much rather be not only in your lap, but melded into your skin! He's a complete velcro dog... but falls short of what I would call "needy." He has a much goofier personality than the girls and is constantly cracking me up with his antics. Many on the forum have put it this way: The girls are constantly saying "Love me, love me, love me," whereas the boys say "I love you, I love you, I love you." That's certainly been the case with my boy! He is always incredibly eager to please, which has made him a joy to train. When it comes down to it, male or female, you really can't go wrong with a golden... but I think you'll really enjoy the experience of owning a big, goofy boy!

Julie and Jersey

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