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What a beautiful little girl. I think almost every golden owner has a picture of their golden sleeping on it's back like that...or as my now 35 year old neice said 31 years ago when she saw my irish Setter sleeping like that--"Aunt Sandra, Red is sleeping upside down with his teeth hanging out!"

Hello and wlecome from the Texas coast. We are owned and loved by 8 1/2 year old KayCee, a full golden we got at 8 weeks, and Honey an adopted golen mix who is 5 years old.

When we got KayCee, we had actually planned on getting a male. I had him picked out and this little female climbed up in hubby's lap, licked his face, she wasn't spoken for and even tho we couldn't not afford to buy two puppies--we did. We already had a 5 year old male golden. Anway, those puppies were great together and we never regretted getting two. Sadly I lost my precious Hunter 4 years ago last August to autoimmune hemolytic anemia and liver damage brought on by that 6 month heartworm preventative injection==which the FDA had them pull 10 months after his death. I am so thankful that I have kayCee.

SCOOTER 6/14/94 - 8/22/99
BUCK 2/8/95 - 5/15/07
HUNTER 8/19/99 - 10/16/03
KAYCEE 8-19-99 -5-25-08
HONEY ADOPTED GROWN 12/07/02 - 8/13/14
SOPHIE 1/8/04 - ADOPTED 2/17/15 - 10/12/16
GREAT PYRENEES SHAGGY adopted AT AGE 7 8/31/14 - 9/23/14 AGE 7
GREAT PYRENEES SIR MOOSE ADOPTED 9/30/14 ---- 12/5/18 AGE 11 1/2

Goldens bring light into the world.
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