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Hello from SE Oklahoma

Hi Everyone,

I just joined here and thought I'd jump right in. I have 5 kids ages 19 down to 3 years old. We just got a golden 9 week old boy, Dax a little over a week ago. We have a 4 year old golden girlie, Maggie and our GR/ Tenn. walker hound mix, Nala. Dax is my avatar pic for now.

We've been living here in OK on a 340 acre farm on the S. Canadian River, where DHs family is originally from for about 15 years now. I'm was born and raised in Maryland, DH was a navy brat - we met in Va. Beach and we are planning to relocate to the southern NC coast in the next couple of years. DH REALLY wants to get back to our salty dog roots When we got Dax the only thing that DH checked him for was to see if Dax looked like he had sealegs and would enjoy spending most of his days on a boat in big water How you can tell that, I have no idea, but he was satisfied that Dax will do well.

Anyway - I look forward to reading through all the posts on the forum and getting to know other GR lovers. BTW - I am sure that I will bore yall with photos of the family, so I'll start off with just a few recent shots:

Maggie and Dax

Angel (my 3 y/o in the middle of puppy love)

Hunter (my 12 y/o) with Dax the second day we had him at 8 weeks old. Dax wanted to meet Nala; Nala wanted reassurance that she wasn't being replaced by this fluffball Nala was being impossible!!!!!:

My Alpha girl, Maggie - she was still pouting about us bringing Dax in the mix:

Maggie has forgiven me since I took her out to the river Saturday. She LOVES going out there! It was near sunset though and I didn't get that many good shots. OF course, in Oklahoma it's 70 degrees one day and the next it's snowing (which it is doing now) so...I'll get some happy photos of Maggie when we get more nice weather. I just prefer natural light photos, so I don't take many inside. If you read this far - THANK YOU

Look forward to getting to know y'all!

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