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Hello and Welcome,
Sounds like you saved Maisie from an abusive home. She will blossom from all the love that she gets in your home but get used to her following you wherever you go. I havent had a private moment in the bathroom or tub since I have had goldens 12 yrs ago. But I am used to it. They love us so much and are BIG people dogs. They love dogs but people more.
I dont have kids so I dont know what you go thru with your son but there are alot of people here that can relate to you.
Cant wait to see pictures of your kids 2 and 4 legged. I have two goldens Beau 11 yr and Bama almost 7 mo and 1 american eskimo girl Shelby 8 yrs old and 3 cats 14 yrs Samantha, George 5 1/2 and 2 yrs old Starr.

I am Carol
Mom to Bama, Daisy, Pawley & Shelby
Beau 4/23/96 to 8/20/09
Furever in my heart
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