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Introducing my girls

Hi I am Linda and I live in Western MA. I have 2 dogs, one Golden, 4, Maisie and one lab mix, Zoey, 6. We got Maisie when she was 16 months old. Wish i had had her as a pup, and although I purchased her from a family that had an ad in the paper, I don't think she was well treated well. She acts so strangely sometimes and has such separation issues, I know she was left alone in a laundry room most of the time, and is suspicious of my teenage son (they had a boy similiar in age).thankfully, she is fine when we aren't home, it's when you come back she is out of control.She is so loyal and loveable and I just love her to pieces. I just had to have a golden and a friend who knew I wanted one found the ad and even called it for info. We went the next day, brought her home with us for a few hours and then brought her back to arrange the transfer! She got along great with our other dog, who is wonderful, but just not the same as a golden. I know that may sound weird, but I think you GR lovers will know what I mean!Zoey just doesn't need all the hugs and fanfare, Maisie truly does and I give it to her as much as I can!I have a 14 year old son, who challenges me daily (hourly??) he is a good kid, but definitely going through middle school mania.I work as a paraprofessional (Ed Asst) in the same district whre my son goes to school and currently work in first grade as a one on one with a little boy. I am exhausted most days, and presently am enjoying my week off, mostly hanging around the house. It is cold here this week and I don't miss the twice daily outdoor recess, but I do go out to walk the girls under duress at least once/day.I am enjoying the respite, reading, jigsaw puzzles and renting lots of movies!DH likes to eat out (too much) so we tend to do that over the weekends.I guess that is about it, oh yeah, I also have a 17 year old cat named Sweet pea. She is one sweet girl and she and Maisie do well, so not with Zoey, so everyone doesn't go everywhere in this house. Lucky for SP zoey doesn't like stairs so she stays on the 2nd and 3rd floors!Maisie can go anywhere, as long as she is where I am...........follows me everywhere, even when i try to tell her I'll be right back, that I have to get something quick.....she has to come anyway!!zoey is 12 weeks post op for a ruptured ACL, so it has been a bumpy few months!Enough about me and mine..........hope to meet and greet many of you in the near future!

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