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Daisy From MA

Hi There All,

Now that I posted about my old girl Sadie, I guess I should introduce you to my current dog, sweet little Daisy. We adopted her in April 2004 from a GR rescue down south a few months after we had to put down our old girl. The poor thing was an absolute emotional/physical mess when we picked her up from timid. We were also quite surprised with her size- she looked like a puppy, even though she was almost 2 years old! She was half the size of our old dog and weighed only about 30 lbs. Hmmmmmm... we finally caught on to the fact that she was probably mixed with some other (smaller) breed. She HATED my husband at first. He was so heartbroken! She refused to even go near him. About a month later, she lost about 50% of her fur. After lots of testing, Daisy was diagnosed with really bad environmental allergies. She will need allergy shots and antihistamines for the rest of her life. I must say, her coat came back in very nicely about 9 months later. Poor girl! About a year later, hubby and I had our first human baby. Daisy is extremely overprotective of him- to the point of being obnoxious. She had and still does have lots of fear/anxiety over other dogs & strangers (It's been so embarrassing- people can be so mean), but she's come a long way. We had some help from a trainer & a lot help from our wonderful vet. Daisy is always going to be a work in progress... Even though she is "quite a challenge," she's become a part of our family. She now loves my husband, enjoys going on walks around the neighborhood a few times a day, likes playing fetch (inside only-very strange!), and sitting on our deck outside. We love our crazy Daisy!

Here's a little about myself: I'm a stay-at-home 30 something mom to my son & Daisy. I used to be an elementary school teacher, & I'm not so sure I'm going to go back. LOTS of stress!!! Anyway, I really love reading about all of your dogs. I find it very relaxing. Sorry I don't post a lot. I sometimes feel that I don't have a lot to offer for advice. I'll try to post more! Here are a few pictures of Daisy. Have a good afternoon everyone!
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R.I.P. Sadie Girl 199?-2004

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