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Originally Posted by maggie1951 View Post
We had Meg cremated my vet is a partner in the crematorian and you do get a certificate to say they have been individually cremated.
When we lost Sadie i just could not leave her for 2 weeks at the RVC for a postmorten so we drove up and brought her back and took her straight to the crematorian and they laid her out on a table nice Red cloth her head on her paws and candles and soft music so we could say the last goodbye they did not rush us we could take all the time we needed
We could not watch as she went down into the furance but they brought her ashes back to us the same day.

it makes a big difference knowing that everything has been taken care of in a caring manner. I read up a little bit about the cremation process after I lost Fred, I didn't know there were such places that you took Meg to.
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