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Originally Posted by davebeech View Post
that has to be my biggest regret, I watched as they carried Fred's body to the car, the vet telling me the cremation would be taken of, and me insisting I get only Fred's ashes back. To this day I can only hope they were really Fred's ashes that were returned and that they treated him as good as he deserved.
Exactly how I felt so when it came down to it, and after the vet gave me the options, I just decided I didn't want her to leave home. Dad offered to bury her (as he has all our animals) & the vet was shocked and worried I think that he wouldn't be able to manage (He's 30 yrs older than the vet!) Anyway my brother in law came home from work to help. So I got to spend 2 hours with her saying my goodbyes(after the vet left). Dad then did his usual sterling job with the minmum of fuss as only a retired farmer can! The only time he never did was when my horse died! But thats another story!

"Wherever a golden soul has been
remains a trail of beautiful memories"

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