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Missing Naughty Charlie

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Originally Posted by davebeech View Post
Fred was 11 1/2 when I lost him, he had been struggling with arthritis and to cut a long story short he just went off his back legs, he was such a proud boy he wouldn't even let me help him up the garden, I sat with him all day in the garden waiting for the vet to come out, and I knew I couldn't let him suffer any pain or indignity, the vet confirmed my worst fears and I had to let him go, worst day of my life.

Tom is 2 years and 7 months old, and believe it or not he was born the same day Fred passed away, I only found that out when I got him home and looked at his papers, and.........Fred's dad is Tom's great great grandad ( there might be another great in there ) and there's been so many coincidences, like the first time I brought Tom into the house he went straight to the kitchen and lay in Fred's spot and lay exactly like him with his back legs sprawled out and he's never lay like that since.
Hi just read about Fred and i know what you mean about the worst day of your life i sat with Meg waiting for the Vet as well and like you worst day of your life just brought tears to my eyes.And its strange how Tom acted when you brought him home Daisy is turning into a mini Meg with all her funny ways and sometimes when she is laying down on the floor i have to look twice as looks like Meg laying on the floor.Maggie

Love me love my Dogs they are my best friends and soul mates

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