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Originally Posted by davebeech View Post
I still think that about Fred, but then there'd be no Tom, it's all very strange, when I lost Fred I thought I could never ever have another and then all of a sudden I was travelling down from Yorkshire with a puppy in my arms, called him the first name that popped into my head. Fred and Tom are so different and yet so much alike. I could never replace Fred, he was my best buddy and more, just like Tom is now. I hope that when the time is right for you that you'll be able to open your heart to another beautiful Golden.
Hi again,
I wanted to ask how old is Tom now and how old was Fred when you lost him? Was it old age? I'm not too sure what was wrong with Meg. Vet said she had heart failure and was fatigued, she had been vomiting occasionally for a week or so, then lost her appetite, and finally needing help to get up. She had previously had 2 "strokes" of the canine variety ie: peripheral vestibular syndrome and made a complete recovery from both. She had a small tumour in her nail bed and also a tumour removed from her tail a few years ago, So I guess I was hoping she would bounce back again but it was not to be. I still wonder if she had an underlying cancer. I know I made the kind decision but there is always that niggle "What if?" But she was an old dog and I had more years with her than I anticipated. They were good years
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