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Originally Posted by Emma&Tilly View Post
Have you thought about a slightly older rescue.
Yes I have but as you say they are few here, in fact non existant. Looked at other rescue dogs and while I feel sorry for them I'm ashamed to say I'm not drawn.!
Yeah, I know what you mean...when you have your heart set on a golden there is no substitute, I was like that before I got Tilly...HAD to be a golden! Yes, you veeeeery rarely will see a golden in normal (or any!) rescues, infact I have volunteered at a dog and cat shelter for a few years now and have never seen one! (which I suppose is good else I would have a very full house!) You would have to contact specific breed resuce...there is one in Darlington I believe, maybe one closer I'm not sure...but Im sure when you are ready, the perfect golden will come into your life! ooh I remembered you asked before, my other dog is Harry...he was one from the rescue that stole my heart, I originally was going to get another golden puppy but Harry came along and I couldn't leave without him...he wouldn't let me!
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