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Yes, I think my heart is big enough to open it to lots more goldens but the losing of them is something else!! Plus, my home situation has changed and the practicalities need to be considered. My elderly parents now live with me indefinitely and having a slow old dog was ok, but a boisterous young dog? Uh Uh. I know I can love another, as the dog I had before, Sandie (retriever collie cross) was a good faithful friend whom I loved dearly and I still think of her daily too. But somewhere along the way Meg took over! She was a great disobedient lug of a dog but with a big heart (and appetite!) and oh such a love! When I got meg I worked full time nights but now work shifts etc etc. So many hurdles! Still, I will see cos having no dog sure is quiet around here! Nothing else but a golden for me tho.
Where in Yorkshire did you get Tom? He is so handsome.
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