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Just looked at pic of Tilly. She is beautiful. How old is ahe now and who is the other dog? We always had collies at home when growing up on a farm, my sister has one now called Molly (the Wolly) who has a fantastic temperement. I bought Meg when my sisters children were very small because of the gentleness of the breed and temperement but to be honest Molly is far more gentle. Meg had a fabulous nature, not a bad bone in her body, never ever growled in all her 15 yrs but was such a juvenille delinquent (for years!!) Always did just as she liked right to the end. Apart from the practicalities of getting another I am worried they won't live up to my expectations, cos it wont be my Meg!! We used to laugh at Meg and watch her sometimes standing in the garden or wherever and say "Wow she looks just like a golden retriever"! See, she was always just Meg despite having champions in her pedigree. never thought of her as a golden! Meg was just Meg. To say the heartache now isn't worth it would be so wrong, I wouldn't have missed her for all the world!
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