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Hello and welcome from the Texas coast. The dog in my avatar was my Hunter. I lost him a little over 54 years ago to adverse reaction to the 6 momnth injectiable heart worm pr4eventative, ProHeart6 (which the FDA had them pull 10 months after his death) but he lives in my heart forever. She was an extra special boy.

Meanwhile, i hve his littermate sister KayCee, now 8 1/2 and spoiled rotton. and we also have an adopted golden mix, Honey, who was one hour from being gassed at the county pound. You could not find a more loving dog than honey,a s tho she knows we saved her. And more or less did it twice as she had heartworms when we adopted her and had to put her thru the treament. She was right at a year old when we adopted her Dec. 7, 2002, so made that her first official birthday--making her 6 this pat Dec. This adopted/rescued dogs are very specail.

SCOOTER 6/14/94 - 8/22/99
BUCK 2/8/95 - 5/15/07
HUNTER 8/19/99 - 10/16/03
KAYCEE 8-19-99 -5-25-08
HONEY ADOPTED GROWN 12/07/02 - 8/13/14
SOPHIE 1/8/04 - ADOPTED 2/17/15 - 10/12/16
GREAT PYRENEES SHAGGY adopted AT AGE 7 8/31/14 - 9/23/14 AGE 7
GREAT PYRENEES SIR MOOSE ADOPTED 9/30/14 ---- 12/5/18 AGE 11 1/2

Goldens bring light into the world.
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