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Welcome. That's an interesting comment you make about allergies. I am horribly allergic to dogs but am cursed with loving them. I've owned labs up until I most recently got my golden. To me there is no real difference in how much you would be allergic to either. From my experience I am allergic to every dog. However I do believe there is a common mis-conception that goldens shed more than labs. Of course each dog is different but I actually believe my labs shed more however it was often times harder to see with their short hair. No mistaken Daisy definitely sheds but it's often easier to find and clean up because it tends to furball in corners and is just generally easier to see due to it's length. Again each dog is different. I address my allergies with medication, brushing the dog at least every other day or so and I have "safe" zones ie no dogs allowed areas in my house which for us is mainly our bedroom.
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