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Ali, my angel Cody lived with DM for three years. He never went down, and he wouldn't use the cart I got for him, but he sure did have a tough time walking some days and often couldn't do the stairs. I'm in Colorado as well; there's a great neuro guy at Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado in Loveland, Dr. Steven Coulter. There's also a fabulous internet group that I can direct you to if you PM me. The vet who's done the most research on DM is a Dr. Clemmons at the University of Florida. If you google him, you will find the protocol he recommends for supplements and diet for DM dogs. For some, it seems to have slowed the progression; other folks don't think it did much. I had Cody on Vitamin E, Cholodin (for canine cognitive dysfunction, which it cured in three days, but also helped keep the nerves firing properly), fish oil. My angel died in July of 2005 when the DM affected his brain, giving him a series of devastating seizures (only for one day; I gave him that final and oh so heartbreaking gift that afternoon). He was 14 years, 3 months and 4 days old when he went to the Bridge. Just so you know, DM cannot be definitely diagnosed except upon necropsy. What have you done diagnostically so far? One caution: if someone suggests a myelogram, you want to think long and hard about that, as many DM dogs don't walk again after that procedure. Feel free to ask anything.....unfortunately, I probably have a clue how to answer:-( Give your old girl a smooch from me....I'm a sucker for old gold, especially those with some challenges.

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