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Hello and welcome from the Texas coast. is so neat having another hooch puppy to look at and hear about. Hooch and i 'met" on another froum bfore this one was started. Great guy and we all love him and Cindy.

I have two goldens--well almost two. KayCee turned 8 in Aug. and she is full golden. that is her littermate in my avatar, Hunter. Sadly we lost him to adverse reaction o Proheart6 the 6 month heart worm preventative injection just after he turned 4. Honey is our adopted golden mix, tho she thinks sue is full golden and most people do take her for full golden. She was right a year old and heat worm positive when we adopted her Dec. 7, 2002. Made that her official 1st birthday as well as sdoption day, so she turned 6 last month. oh, we had treated for the heartworms and she no ill effects from worms or treatment. In fact, x-rays was taken lat summer for geriatric physical 9early i now, but I wanted it done0 and my vet said her heart, lungs and arteries are so perfect her pitures could be used to show what the perfect dog chest looked like.

SCOOTER 6/14/94 - 8/22/99
BUCK 2/8/95 - 5/15/07
HUNTER 8/19/99 - 10/16/03
KAYCEE 8-19-99 -5-25-08
HONEY ADOPTED GROWN 12/07/02 - 8/13/14
SOPHIE 1/8/04 - ADOPTED 2/17/15 - 10/12/16
GREAT PYRENEES SHAGGY adopted AT AGE 7 8/31/14 - 9/23/14 AGE 7
GREAT PYRENEES SIR MOOSE ADOPTED 9/30/14 ---- 12/5/18 AGE 11 1/2

Goldens bring light into the world.
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