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Hello from Winewinn - intro


I was raised with golden retrievers and over the years have had a few of them. Since marrying my husband and gotten into hunting, I now enjoy training them for that sport. I became a hunting retrieving club member over the past year and am now enjoying learning about the training involved with that. I've been a member of APDT for about a year, too.

I have a husband who has a very different perspective on dogs than I do, and that is something I struggle with. Basically I grew up with my father involved in raising, training for obedience/hunting, and very occasionally breeding our goldens, and my husband grew up with a number of farm dogs who were never fenced in the yard, and often had mixed litters that would be given away. Nonetheless, he enjoyed hunting with his dogs, and that's something we share now. Somehow most of my husband's dogs seemed to die from a beet truck or otherwise long before they hit a ripe old age. So, different upbringings, but I'm working on educating him.

We own a yellow labrador retriever named Zowie (my husband is a "lab man"), and two golden retrievers named Horace and Beisia. I feel a bit like a puppy mill right now, for in the past couple months both Zowie and Beisia have whelped litters sired by our one-year-old Horace, all thanks to my husband allowing the females to get out of their kennel areas during heat cycles while I was at work and he was watching the kids.

Needless to say, I was on a mad hunt to get as many health certifications done as possible. And fortunately, all checked out normal so far. So much for being able to wait a full two years to assess their health before breeding, I guess!

Zowie had a beautiful litter of 10 "golden labradors" and I was fortunate to find good family homes for all within two weeks of listing. We had so many inquiries on this unintentional mix that I was quite surprised.

With Beisia's litter I fortunately had deposits on all her pups before she whelped just this Tuesday. Raising the litters indoors has been a fun experience. They've gotten a lot of attention from us and our kids.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to learning more and occasionally venting about hubby. I think after helping me take care of these two litters he is starting to see the light on supervising the dogs when they are not crated or kenneled!

Below are some pics of our dogs and their pups, as well as our daughter born just one day after Zowie's litter was born!

Hybrid pups and our daughter:

Horace pictured with his daughter out of Zowie's litter (above).
< Zowie, our yellow lab

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