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Originally Posted by mamamia View Post
Phoebe, I would LOVE for you to send me your notes from your GR puppy search. Thanks! I'll try to PM you my e-mail address. (I'm not so savvy with the interwebs -- hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to do that)

While I would love to rescue a Golden, the applications look very daunting, and seem to emphasize prior experience with Goldens (or at least some other dog). Also, my younger daughter is 5, which might be too young for some rescue groups (not sure about Sunshine). (My husband doesn't know this yet, but my secret plan is to get a Golden puppy now, and then in a couple of years, adopt one or two more from rescue.)

That is a very good plan...that is what I did...I want a 3rd but my husband won't go for it now....just biding my

You are right about the age of your youngest and rescues...I believe at Sunshine it depends on the dog....I think most rescues just don't want to take the chance of a child being hurt....I will get that info to you.

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