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Originally Posted by MySweetPhoebe View Post
Hello and welcome, I am in Milford and we got our Phoebe from the same breeder that Kimm mentioned in Middlebury...they were first our contact with the Golden Retriever club...I would highly recommend them....I assembled a list from the clubs list....I did talk to at least 10 or more breeders in CT an one in MA...I still have all my information on my work computer so if you are interested I would be happy to forward it to will find lots of helpful people here with vast knowledge....also we have a wonderful Golden retriever rescue based here in CT and a number of members here are involved in it....check it out it is a wonderful site and rescuing is so very rewarding, my Bogart is a rescue from Sunshine, I could talk about him all is the site....
Phoebe, I would LOVE for you to send me your notes from your GR puppy search. Thanks! I'll try to PM you my e-mail address. (I'm not so savvy with the interwebs -- hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to do that)

While I would love to rescue a Golden, the applications look very daunting, and seem to emphasize prior experience with Goldens (or at least some other dog). Also, my younger daughter is 5, which might be too young for some rescue groups (not sure about Sunshine). (My husband doesn't know this yet, but my secret plan is to get a Golden puppy now, and then in a couple of years, adopt one or two more from rescue.)
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