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Hullo Hullo

From Corby Town in Northamptonshire Great Britain

My name is Billy

Been the proud owner of 3 Golden Retrievers including Mad Robbie that is with me now

Have to say what a fantastic site this is so well done to all the Admin & the members who visit here & share with us man's best friend

Sorry Ladies but it's true!!

I have had 26 superb years with the boys & tentively looking forward to many more with Robbie as he is a handful but i'm sure he will eventually calm down

All those years ago we got our 1st bundle of fluff in Sam

He lived to grand old age of 12

I will never forget the day he passed away as it was a hot summer day & he was out in the garden with me & the wife

We went indoors & Sam would always follow but in his later years it just took a little while longer

Eventually he came sauntering in. Sat at my side & looked at me with what was to be his final farewell
Poor old fella lay down & peacefully passed away

All of you who are proud owners of the Retrievers know full well what fantastic dogs they are so when the opportuntity arose to bring home another bundle of fun we jumped at it

I got the heads up that a breeder in a local village had a litter so we shot over there to see them & we picked the 1st bold fella that crept forward from the gang
They were only 2 weeks old & it was so hard not to want to take them all home

Me & the wife were about to go away for our 10th Anniversary so on our return we brought little Beau home at 5 weeks old & there he stayed for the next 14 years

We couldn't believe our luck that we had another brilliant dog

Beau had many habits. The main one was lining up 3 toys/ objects always in a perfect straight line

Where ever he had his rubber ring he would always place a ball bang in the middle of it

He Always greeted us by picking up 2 toys

One day he came to me with a mouthfull of tennis balls & i mean a mouthful!

He actualy managed to pick up 3!!

Although Sam loved the water, Beau certainly did not
Sam could find a puddle in a drought where as Beau would run a mile if near water

Sadly Beau passed away back in July. We were attending the funeral of a very dear friend when we received a call from my son that Beau had collapsed & his back end appeared to be paralized

The vet thought he had suffered an infarct but wasn't sure so they kept him for a few days & when we got the call to say he was back on his feet & eating again we were so relieved & happy, words cannot describe

The following week i was attending a 2 day summer sales conference when the dreaded call came through that Beau had collapsed again & was in so much pain he had to be taken to be put to sleep

His liver was failing

My wife knew that i was about 100 miles away & there was no chance i would see Beau again but she had to do what was right

That journey home was the worst of my life!

Everything seems so empty when you loose your best mate

We had planned to wait until the spring & get a pair of pups that would grow up together

Unknown to us at that time Robbie was proving to much to cope with for the wifes sister in law & they were determined to give him away to a new home

At 1st i thought it was a joke but the second i realised her brother was deadly serious i was in the car & off like a shot to fetch him

Robbie actually is from the last litter from the same breeder where we got Beau

I have in my possesion 2 sets of ashes as both Sam & Beau were cremated

In the spring we shall plant a small tree & bury the ashes here

It's a long rant i know but my message to any 1st timers with the Golden Retrievers is they are without doubt the best breed by a mile!

Even though Robbie drives me up the wall at times we both know that we could never be without him

Wishing you all the time of your life with your Golden

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