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Hello from Canada

Hi everyone

I joined yesterday in my search for a rescued senior. I am a former breeder/exhibitor in New Brunswick, Canada and recently lost the last of my three dogs who all lived to be seniors. It was always my intention to adopt a rescued dog, one that someone had tossed out as unwanted, but I'm have a difficult time locating one that any group or rescue will allow to travel this far.

There are none in the Maritime Canada region and the rescues in Quebec and Ontario will not ship. So I have been surfing Google for any group or shelter that is willing to let a needy dog go to a good home, even if it's in the cold, frozen north.

You'll find my thread in the rescue dogs section. I miss my dogs, and nothing would make me happier than to give a home to a Golden that someone has dumped. I have never understood how someone can take the best years of a dog's life and then abandon them. I could have a puppy tomorrow, or even a retired breeder's dog. But I know how hard it is to place the old and disabled Goldens, so my search continues.
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