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Originally Posted by Penny'smom View Post
My Russian connection is through my mother's side of the family. Her grandmother, my great-grandmother, was a princess and a lady-in-waiting to the Czarina who was the mother of Nicolas II. Her sons, one of them my mother's father, fought in the Revolution. They were White Russians. My grandfather emmigrated to the U.S. and married an American. They had lost all their property in Russia and had nothing left.

Your English is very good, better than some Americans I know.

Again, welcome Zaya.

What coincidence!
Our relatives on a mother also emmigrated from Russia during Revolution. But they emmigrated to France. True, some then of them returned in Russia after Revolution.My great-grandfather was wellknown in Petersburg baker Philippov. And even now in Moscow and in Petersburg there is building which is named "Bakery of Philippov".
I am very glad that you so warmly accepted me in Your friendly Golden Retriever Forums family!
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