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I'm late on this.

Our dd has a JRT and we thought they were getting along just fine when all of a sudden he attacked her. The damage done physically was minor...Penny had a cut lip and healed without a problem.

The lessons learned physicologly was amazing. Webster was going to be in charge....PERIOD. It was a long time before we trusted them together again, but I could tell that even though he had his hackles up, Penny had learned not to get too close.

That was several years ago. Penny now actually baits him to play with her and while he doesn't know how to play, he seems to enjoy her company. Webster is going deaf and blind, but doesn't mind Penny appearing right in front of him.

They are best buddies as an English butler and a clown might be!

Be very careful, go very slowly and I think it will be okay.

How did the meeting in the green area go?
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