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Abby gets the shot every other week, too. Truth be told she is still biting her feet and tail. The feet issue is from yeast, says the specialty vet, so when that gets bad I give her Ketoconozole which is anti-fungual. I also have temeril P which is a very small dose of steroid with an anti-histimine. The ground is frozen solid and there is much snow, so I don't know what she is itching from now, probably something in the house.

I'm pretty much out of ideas, too. The Vet says give the shots a year (it has been 9 months) and if it is not much better there are other things to try. There is an antihistimine called Clemastine that seems to work pretty well, I need to get some more. I feed dehydrated raw food (The Honest Kitchen) so vet does not think it is food.

On the bright side, she is a sweet, energetic girl and does not seem sick! I feel your pain, it is very frustrating. Good luck!

Still crazy after all these years.
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