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Hello and welcome I am Sandra. live onn the Texas coast adn even tho I h ave lived in America 61 of my 62 years (and was born in English speaking Australia at that), I still don't talk good English!

We h ave a gabmbling ship docked here that goes out twic4 a day for 6 hours crusies where we can gamble==play slot machines, poker, craps, etc. Gambling is not allowed in tis state so the boat has to go 9 miles out to sea before gambling can start. It is registarted out of the Bahamas and every emember on the ship is from a country oether than America. Most of the waiters 9we get a buffet meal) are fro Phillipines india, a couple for peru, one from Columbia, one from poland and a couple from Russia. Most of the watiress that severe drinks while we are gambling are from the Ukriane with a couple for perus, Indonesia, and poland, one from Bulgaria. The housekeeping are mostly from phillipines Indonesia and India.

I have become very good friends with a ukraine girl, Julia. She told me it is pronounced You Le A and most called her the American way Ju-lee-a, but i pronoucned it yulia.i have actually beocme friends with many of the guy and girls, but julia is special. She is home right now for a 6 week vacation, but weill return the end of the momnth and i will be glad to see her. We have spent a lot of time talking about different customs in our countries and found we do h ave a lot alike. Her English has improved in the 6 months she was on baord before going home for bvacation, but she still sometimes has a little trouble finding the right word. no problem, our friendship over comes it.

Your daughter is a real beauty and your pup is gorgeous.

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