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Scherber: It seems like you have done quite a bit of homework, and don't think I'm trying to undermine you, I'm just curious and have some questions. It says in the underlined quote that only particular breeds are denied CERF numbers due to this particular condition based on whether it is considered to be a genetic trait in that b reed. I checked out this dog's page on k9 data and they list the CERF number (which I verified on the CERF website, the number is legitimate) so I would assume that GRs are not one of these particular breeds. If it is not a genetic trait in goldens, why would you automatically spay this female?
Also as to the k9data listing, unless it's been edited... which is definately possible... I didn't see the word "clear" written on there, just the CERF number itself. Was "clear" originally written? Or do you take issue with the fact she doesn't specifically say on that site exactly what was found, even though it's considered a "breeder's option?" I only ask because on Jersey's CERF exam he was found to have PPM (persistent pupillary membranes- iris to iris) which is similarly a breeder's option as it is NOT a genetically inherited trait in goldens from everything I've been told and researched on my own. I would hate for people to think that I am misrepresenting my dog who I do hope to use for breeding someday should all of his other clearances come through. So basically my question is, to anyone who can answer not just Scherber, am I supposed to specifically state this next to his CERF number on k9data and anywhere else where I may cite it? I thought the fact that he had a CERF number was "good enough" for that level of disclosure, whereas anyone who wanted to know more could look at the CERF site, or of course if I were to breed him I would obviously disclose it to the owner of the bitch. I suppose I'm just confused, any help would be much appreciated.

Julie and Jersey

PS~ I know nothing about this specific breeder and this isn't an endorsement for or against Tanglewood. These are just general questions, which I suppose means I should apologize to the OP for hijacking the thread. I'm sorry!

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