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Just some info for you to digest, I did some researching on Tanglewood, since it was getting such high remarks and I wanted to see why. I checked the info with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (which everyone should do). This female Evangelina of Bridge Four"Eva"(Import from the Netherlands) On k9data the owner put Eyes- Clear, and on her website she put Eyes Clear. On it says G1-Fundus, retinal dysplasia-folds,
On the CERF website it is described Retinal folds rarely cause vision problems for the individual dog. They represent small blind spots which are probably not even noticed by the dog. However, large areas of dysplasia (geographic dysplasia) may lead to large deficits in the visual field and dogs with retinal detachments are completely blind.
There have been many questions recently about the certifiability of dogs with retinal folds. Retinal folds may be seen in many breeds and still pass a CERF examination and receive a CERF number. This is due to the fact that the condition is thought either not to be hereditary in the particular breed or has never been shown to be connected to serious (blinding) forms of dysplasia. In some breeds, particularly Labrador Retrievers, Samoyeds, and English Springer Spaniels, individuals with retinal folds are NOT given a CERF number. Since retinal dysplasia is common in these breeds and dogs and bitches with retinal folds can have puppies with blindness and/or skeletal problems the gene should not be perpetuated. In all breeds, individuals with geographic and retinal detachment forms of retinal dysplasia are NOT certifiable.

Tanglewood went ahead and bred this dog after the cerf report and Eva delivered a litter of 6 puppies in September. I personally would have spayed this female. There also was not enough info on the website of her ancestors to give me any different opinion.

Below is a reply to my post:

Thanks for the info. A lot of us are just learning how to research different breeder lines. That discrepancy is enough to get that breeder banned from K9DATA. GRF just recently saw that with another breeder.
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