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A proper introduction

Hello everyone,

I thought that maybe it was time to properly introduce myself. I have been a lurker for a long time...never felt I had anything to post. I cried and cringed and laughed for many months...and came to truly enjoy many of you on here.
But it was Hooch's crisis that brought me to the forum to post. And to pray. And so here I am...out of the closet after all this time.
So what is there to know?
My husband and I are two old farts with an old fart of a dog. As you can see from the picture, Taya enjoys the loveseat and lazing with us. She's 8 now and I struggle with thoughts of potential loss. But so far so good--after two ACL surgeries...she is happy and so are we.
The thing I'm proudest of is that my grandpups are Parker and Camden. You probably know them...Heather has been a good member of GRF for a long time. Can't wait to get my calendar--look at August!
It's nice to be here...
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Taya Dog, always in my heart... March 13, 1999 - June 17, 2010.

11 years, 3 months of joy because of her....

Hooch..please take care of my baby...

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