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GR Lifetime Study Participant Sub Forum?

I am suggesting that the GRF create a specific subforum in the Health Forum for everyone of the forum dogs who are, or who plan to participate in the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Morris Animal Foundation is conducting this study and it promises to benefit our breed as well as other breeds. They need 3000 Golden Retrievers (USA, AKC registered, 6 months to 2 years of age) to participate and they are needing help in getting the word out to owners of these dogs who are less than 2 years old and who are eligible for the study.

Several of our forum dogs are in this study. These dogs may not win championships, field titles, agility titles, do therapy work or benefit the breed in like manners; however, they are most definitely benefitting the breed we love so much that this forum dedicates itself to. Please consider establishing this sub-forum. Those visiting it can ask questions and share experiences and encourage others to join us in a most worthy cause. As mentioned in the current thread about this, there are at least 10 or so threads devoted to this study, the first I recall being Point Gold's several years ago. I'd be willing to search for these threads so they could be moved to the subforum. We could also create a sticky thread with the details of the study so we can easily find it and refer new members to it.

I rest my case. Thank you for considering this.
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