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Originally Posted by Catesfinn View Post
Chaucer is beautiful too and I assumed he was another Tanglewood dog. Where did he come from? I haven't emailed Joanne in a while. I was telling chesneygirl that we also dealt with one of Joanne's business partners when we were waiting for Finn. Her name is Laurie Flayhart and she lives in Alabama where Joanne used to live. She co-owns Finn's mom, Silk, and according to Joanne's web page, Silk is being bred again. Laurie was great to work with too and we almost had another Silk puppy last year because someone backed out at the last minute. Laurie's email address is on Joanne's web site - I believe under either "current litter info" or "future litter info". I would highly recommend her too. She doesn't like to fly her puppies though if that matters. When Finn was born, Joanne drove to Alabama and picked up the puppies and brought them back to her place. It saved us several hours of driving.

Thanks for the compliment. I love him!!!! That being said, he came from a breeder that I would never, ever recommend. I still have no papers on him; and he's almost two.
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