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Originally Posted by CarolinaCasey View Post
I think all of the breeders are reputable but I don't know them personally. Perhaps some Floridians will chime in. Here is some more detailed information about the dogs being bred. Above I have hyperlinked their AKC names to lead you back to their pedigrees.

Here they are again, this time hyperlinked to their OFA clearance page.

Magik's Easy Ryder X Omni's Just Doing Time

Sire: Ask for updated CERF eye clearance, breeder should have a hard copy. All other clearances are in order! Both of his parents are missing elbow clearances-- discuss with breeder.
Dam: Ask for updated CERF eye clearance. All other clearances are in order!

Also ask why the two are being bred. What is the goal for the litter?

Boca Gold's Peking Duck JH WC BISS X Honeykyst Southern Belle

Sire: Everything looks good here with clearances. Dog is titled, I like him a lot---very pretty boy!
Dam: Same as above.
As always, ask why the litter is being bred. What is the goal?
I like #2 best!
That was quick...thank you! I will be going to see litter #1 this weekend so I'll be able to ask about the missing information. I've also been leaning towards litter #2, but the first litter will be ready a whole month earlier!

Thanks again for your reply!
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