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Here's how to look at a pedigree:

For each dog in the pedigree you want to see that they have Hip, Eye (CERF), Elbow and Cardiac clearances and that they were done by the right type of professional (ie. cardiologist for cardiac, not just a regular practioner). All of them are done only once, except eye which is done every year. These clearances are primarily listed in 2 online databases that you have access to, one is and the other is Some breeders prefer not to submit their test results to either so you may have to ask for paper copies.

Here is how to read the clearances:

A breeder should be able to provide at least 3 generations worth of clearance records.

The OFFA website is also useful to see if any relatives of the dam or sire have been cleared and whether any of them have been diagnosed with anything (though not all breeders submit this information).

Aside from clearances you'll want to look at why the breeder is producing puppies at all. Good breeders only breed because they want to produce GREAT dogs that will make the breed stronger, healthier, smarter, better hunting partners, etc. For this reason breeders will only pick excellent dogs for their breeding program and this means that those dogs should have excelled in show (conformation) or performance or both. You can see this in the pedigree because of the "titles" that the dogs have (Dog Titles). In other words, reputable breeders would not breed a dog that has no titles in its pedigree as is the case here with the dam.

I would walk away from this breeding as there are both clearances and titles missing. Even if the breeder can produce papercopies of the clearances I'd still walk away.

I would go for rescue again! There are so many Goldens looking for great homes.

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