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How long is chronic? What is his pattern of diarrhea like? Many times a day? Usual no. of times but watery? Not watery but just soft? All that info would help lots..

There is a possibility that he has developed a food intolerance, though the only way to tell for sure would be to do a food trial. You could do that with any limited ingredient diet, preferably a protein that he has not had before..

What worked for my Summer who had a really bad round lasting 1 month - she was losing weight and i had to get up several times a night to let her out.. we finally caved in and bought a bag of the prescription food Hill's I/d. Everyone will tell you it has crap ingredients and you are killing your dog and it is very costly, but it made such a difference for us. When the bag was almost finished we did a very gradual transition to another cheaper kibble with as similar ingredients as possible, and we are doing ok now.
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