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Can my puppy reproduce at his age???

Well I have a question for ya! PLease do not think I am intentionally planning to breed these dogs, I am asking this question out of concern. I know how strongly people feel about breeding "mutts"

My new pup (Golden Pyrenees) is 3 months and in a month my Sharpei goes into heat (intend to fix her after her heat)... I watched them playing today and she is trying to seduce him!!!! Seriously, bum in face yadda yadda... So my question is, can he reproduce at 4 months old??? I figured no which is why I had no concerns about them together this heat but he looked like he was about to mount her today! My next question is "if" by some miracle he does do something (really hoping its not possible) His puppys are too big for her right? I mean I know there are cross breeds out there but could it hurt her, cause I am guessing it could... Thanks for any insight! My female is too close to her heat to spay her now so I am really hoping you write back and tell me it is impossible...
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I believe that most male dogs don't actually become fertile until around 10 months of age, so you should be all set, but you still may want to keep a close eye on them as she begins to go into heat just to be safe.
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I just found this on the web.
The answer to that is... unknown. While the American Kennel Club will not accept a sire that is younger than seven months old, a 5-6 month old puppy will often be interested in bitches in heat and will try to mount them. The real question is... are they shooting blanks or do they have real "ammo" at that young age? Nature being what it is, anything is possible.

I would keep a male puppy separate from any in-season bitch at that age just to be on the safe side.

Just to be on the safe side, I would keep them seperated during the time she is fertile. Can someone keep him for you or do you have a place to keep the both of them seperated? Better to be safe than sorry. But I will defer to the experts.

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I would love to say that I could leave these guys somewhere while I try to figure this out... I just assumed that a new pup wasnt mature enough to mate... Seemed logical! He is a new puppy and since my females heats go about 3 weeks (although I honestly dont know if she is fertile that entire time) I worry that it will take away important bonding time with the pup and my family... We just got him 3 days ago!
The bonding time and rules are very inportant at this age as I have little kids... My female is antisocial and pees all over peoples homes when she is left anywhere else... I know the responsible thing to do was to spay her earlier but she does have a heart murmur which the Dr had concerns about... I also would think she is going to get jealous if I ship her off to some kennel while puppy stays home and bonds... She is doing amazingly with the new pup, which wasnt expected so I dont want anything to disrupt that... I am a stay at home mom so I think I can keep a very close eye on them and keep puppy kenneled when I am not home... THanks for your feedback! I think better safe than sorry!
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I wouldn't risk it. When I have had intact dogs of both sexes in the house, I crated both when I wasn't home, in different rooms, and kept them separate from about a week after the heat started, till three weeks after - depended on the girl and how she was acting. If you have anyone who can take one of your dogs, even easier (my boys were both pretty laid back about the whole thing, didn't go off of eating or get aggressive with other dogs so I was VERY lucky). I know some dogs will go crazy during that time, stop eating, howl, scream, eat through crates (I know of a newf who ate his way out of a wire crate, tore himself up pretty bad and almost bled to death in a van, the van looked like a murder scene), go after other males....

Odds are he'd be shooting blanks, but if he's three months now, she goes into heat in another month, he'd be getting closer to the five month mark about that time and I personally wouldn't risk it.


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If she's not in heat now and not due to come in for another month, why not spay her now?

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Actually... I did take her to be spayed a few months back but she was close to her heat and the vet wouldnt do it... He said "Sharpei's have some complicated issues and that spaying her this clost to her heat could bring about some very dangerous issues" he commented on puss and infections, all of it way over my head so I accepted that! The reason for her not being spayed since is really my fault! Mostly a busy life, short of funds (they want to pin her eyes when she is spayed so she doesnt have to be sedated twice due to heart murmur concern) ... I am sure this all sounds like I am very irresponsible for getting a male dog when I have a female and I will accept my responsibility in that... Will be working to get something worked out so I dont end up with some puppies that carry moms health concerns or damage her during delivery! THanks for the feed back!
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I would suggest you talk to one or even two other vets about going ahead with the spay now rather than waiting. A month away from heat is plenty of time to spay her.

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I've also heard around 6 months
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I think you should see a different vet!

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