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anyone feel guilty leaving one dog at home

Hi just wandering if anyone ever feels guilty taking 1 dog out and leaving the other at home. I know i do well partly i take Einstein and leave Shelley at home i still feel a bit bad but not as much if it were the other way around. I know this makes me feel like such a bad mum but Einstein is my favourite and always will be. I supose i get frustrated with Shelley alot she trys to controll our walks and even trys to pull off her collar. She also has a very bad habit of eating poo before she used to eat just her own but now she will eat everyone elses poo too. Shes also starting not to listen to what i say i think deep down Shelley knows Einstein is my favourite but he was here first so gets my attention first, Which causes her to try and take his focus away from me so then she can run towards me for a pat. I think Shelley needs a behavourist but i'm not sure if i can afford one at the moment. When will this naughty behavour end Shelley is 7 months old and is going through adolesence. I can't even stand looking at her after shes eaten poo it makes me sick to the stomach. I really need to get down and start putting things on the poo but the way she is i think she would eat anything. Even gave her a bit of lemon today she took a few bites then spat it out, then she would continue to lick it but she won't eat. I don't know if lemon will work on the poo or not. I need suguestions of things that are sour,and horrible taste but like i said keep in mind that this iss a sort of dog that will try anything and everything. I'm just about ready to go out and buy a muzzel to keep her from eating things she shouldn't be.
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Take a deep breath. In the scheme of things, she's still a baby and babies stick EVERYTHING in their mouths in order to experience whatever it is. She's not doing it to make you mad or because she's ticked you like Einstein better right now. She's just being a baby.

I know what you mean about feeling guilty leaving one at home. I don't do fun things with only one dog, but even when I have to take one to the vet, I get that "you're killing me" look from the other as the door is closing. I suspect your guilt stems less from leaving her as it does from your frustration surrounding her. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of behavioral-based frustration is to work-work-work on her training to make her into the dog you want. Leaving her alone or muzzling isn't going to produce a well behaved dog that is a pleasure to be around. Constant positive reinforcement of what you expect will.

As for poo - if you have time to put something on it to make it unpalatable, you have time to just pick it up. Some dogs outgrow it, others don't so the only sure way to keep it from happening is to scoop it up when it's fresh. And if you are on a walk an "ah ah" along with directing her with the leash and a treat will keep it out of her mouth.

It sounds like another training class as well as frequent practice with her is in order. If anything, I would suggest spending fun training time with her one-on-one. Reinforce the bond and teach her that making you happy is rewarded. It'll come with time. They do have a way of wearing our patience through at this age, though!!!
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I have four dogs so when I take one or two of them out, there are still two at home to keep each other company. And then I always rotate and take the others out to do different things. That way they all get attention. I to have my favorite, but I spend time with all of them so that no issues arise.

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I alternate taking our crew. Please consider doing this... Shelley will only learn thru repeated training and exposure time with you. At 7 months, she is still just a tot and learning every second. It may amaze you at how her personality develops as time goes on... please give her the chance to realize her full potential.

Betty and the Dallas crew

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Have you had obedience training, a class with both you and Shelley? It sounds like that is what is needed. Lots of time devoted to training, you'll be surprised what a bonding experience it is.
As for her eating poo, the answer is pick it up and on a walk, training! The "ACK" noise or "leave it" has always worked for our boys but they had to be trained.

I very rarely leave one home alone. The only time is if I absolutely have to. We used to even take both to the vet till Gunner got dog aggressive.

I had a golden I favored more than the other 10 years ago but I always treated them equally and walked both together.

Remember: Training, Training, Training!!!!

Sasha, Gunner,
& Angel Selka in Heaven

Love You Always
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Not sure how true it is, but one of the "training" shows commented on poo eating, saying it was done because the dog wasn't getting the proper/enough nutrition it should be getting. They changed the diet of the dog mentioned and the poo eating stopped.

I think I show my Quinn more attention than the others because he IS the baby and needs more attention and training than the older ones. They do all get one on one, Quinn just gets more of it
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I leave ZsaZsa my 13 year old Australian cattle dog at home when Bogart and I go to obedience classes or on the weekend we go to events. She does go for walks with us every day mostly in the morning. If I meet friends for a longer hike I leave ZsaZsa again at home because she can't handle the long hikes anymore but I take her around the neighborhood just the 2 of us before I leave her and she LOVES it. I know I'm doing more with Bogart these days then with ZsaZsa, but I have never done competions when she was young (something I can't change anymore) she is a good sport about it though and when I come home she sleeps on the couch and got all compfy. ZsaZsa has that nice habbit of Poop eating also. She really like Cayote poop (YUMMY) but she is not very selective when the oportunity arises. She is the most sweet and gentle little girlie I try to keep the attention sessions equal between the dogs. Bogart is the attention hog and ZsaZsa is kind of the bystander. But I also tought Bogart right from Puppyhood on when ZsaZsa and I have a snuggle session he can't interupt it. He just lays down close and waits for his turn instead of just pushing himself in between us.
ZsaZsa at this point of her life can't do no wrong in my book and she hardly ever does anyway. I love this dog she puts up with any foster dog I bring home (mostly tries to ignore them) she is friendly with them and shares space with them. Bogart is the same way but he is still young and playfull so other dogs are cool to him to bring home.
Your pup still has to find her place in your life. Don't be too tough on her she is still a pup after all.
Also as someone mentioned nothing is as much of a bonding experience then obedience training. Bogart and I are as close as can be, because we do so much training and spending time together.

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Oh certainly. I took Leo to school and had to leave Ciggy at home. My husband and anyone who was over could see how depressed she was. Well, my solution was to sign both of them up for the next session. She's much happier now. I don't know about my husband though. He has to go too!
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I have three dogs. I have guilt feelings but it isn't because I leave one at home necessarily. Maxine is my senior and she get environmentally stressed so when Belle and Teddi go to class she stays home alone. Or if they have an event weekend indoors we won't take her there either. I know she doesn't care, she is just too happy when we get home. I want to figure out something extra special just for her. She does usually go with me when I see my horse by her self, but last week and this week probably Teddi will go again. I just don't want Max to think she is not special. She is the most special of all, she is just perfect and does not need training.

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Originally Posted by GoldenOwner12 View Post
Hi just wandering if anyone ever feels guilty taking 1 dog out and leaving the other at home.
I do , that's why I mostly stay home on week ends
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